OEM Ford Brake Calipers

There is a good chance that your Ford model has disc brakes. If that's the case, it is going to need quality brake calipers to help it stop. Brake calipers squeeze the brake pads against the rotors and will help slow down the spinning of your wheels. That way, your car can come to a complete stop safely.

When Should I Change my Brake Calipers?

Like other parts of your vehicle, the calipers can eventually fail over time. Even if you have recently changed your brake pads, it is also important to replace the calipers. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

  • Feeling vibration as you apply the brakes
  • Your Ford model is favoring one side
  • There is a burning smell while you drive
  • The brake warning light pops up on your dash

Order Your OEM Ford Brake Caliper Parts Online

Our auto parts store has the brake caliper parts you need to take on the job. Be sure to view our online parts catalog and place an order. Once we receive it, our team will ship it out to you as soon as possible. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our OEM Ford parts or accessories.

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