OEM Ford Oil Filters

You have probably heard how important it is to change your oil, but what about the filters? They are designed to catch impurities in the motor oil. The result? Improved vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Oil filters block unwanted particles from entering your engine. Our auto parts store stocks many oil filters for the Ford Expedition or F-150 model you drive.

How Often Does an Oil Filter Need to be Changed?

Just like other parts of your vehicle, the oil filter will have to be replaced at some point. Although many owner's manuals recommend changing it once every oil change, there are some symptoms that indicate your oil filter needs to be replaced sooner. These symptoms include:

  • Acceleration issues
  • Low oil pressure
  • Changes in exhaust color
  • Metallic noises coming from under the hood

Keep Your Engine Running Efficiently & Order an OEM Oil Filter

When it comes to ordering oil filters, it's always important to make sure your OEM, Ford, makes them. Now, you can place an order for oil filters right here through our website. After we receive your order, we'll ship it out to you immediately - directly to your front door. Buy now and save!

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