OEM Ford Spark Plugs

How Do Spark Plugs Work?

The process is quite simple. It starts by turning your key in the ignition lock cylinder. Once the ignition parts start working, they send electricity to your spark plugs. Once they spark, the air and gas inside your engine combust. When that power releases, the pistons and crankshaft start running. Without a set of good working spark plugs, you wouldn't be able to start your Ford model at all.

When Should I Replace my Spark Plugs?

Don't drive with bad spark plugs because they can end up damaging your engine. And replacing your spark plugs is less expensive than purchasing a brand-new engine. Here are some warning signs that might indicate it's time to change them:

  • Cannot start your vehicle at all
  • The Check Engine light turns on
  • Lower fuel economy than normal
  • Your vehicle is having a hard time accelerating
  • Engine misfires

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